Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Link to the big Idea

I have added this link at the top of my presence project as this is the sort of site where I would like to advertise or announce my "presence" one day with all the inspired work that I develop while at Dunedin Art School. It is a New Zealand site too for our creative artists and by keeping an eye on it I will keep in touch with some artistic developments in NZ.

My links to other blogs/sites are stored on other blog which I regard as my everyday workbook and they too will be useful for contact with other artists, ideas and inspiration.

Marian Brandish MEB

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Beauty for all

I believe in making one-off quality Jewellery pieces available

for people of all ages and at reasonable prices.
My jewellery expresses my love of nature and this world and my deep interest in its history.

I believe that each one of my pieces creates itself for someone - even if I have not yet met that someone.

Project Drawing - Tara to Tara project

Part of my work for my project Drawing Presentation next week!!

Fireplace Collage

This is some of the recent work that I have done at Dunedin Art School

Powerpoint Presentation

Marians CV